"I'm that girl that would greet dogs before people."

I’ve always been enamored with our four legged friends, specifically canines. They’ve been a large part of my life ever since I was a little girl.

Last year, one of my dear friends, who is active in the dog advocacy community told me about the local animal shelter needing more volunteers to exercise and cuddle with the adoptable dogs.

I had been searching for something to do in my spare time and with my love for dogs, this seemed like a perfect fit.

I started volunteering a few hours a week, then as often as possible. 

But through all that, I kept asking myself:
“What more can I do?”

These animals simply cannot speak up for themselves. The abuse, neglect, mistreatment, and rates of euthanasia that a lot of these dogs endure just isn’t talked about; it's a symptom of a deeper problem.

So, I thought, “I’m somebody. I have the power to do something."

That’s where the idea for Convos For Canines came from.

Specifically, a podcast interviewing individuals in the animal advocacy community and beyond; mainly, featuring interviews with people who are changing the world through their voice and platform.

The end goal is to save as many canine lives as possible.

Want to help?

Consider supporting Convos For Canines with a tax deductible donation.

Convos For Canines Interview with Crazy Dog Lady Podcast
November 16, 2018


12.5 Hours Of Volunteer Time


157 Hours Of Volunteer Time not including fundraising, bio writing, video editing and capture, photo editing, etc.


$20 Donation to the Saving Huey Foundation


$50 Donation To The Friends Of Wake County Animal Center